01 About Us

About us

Working with wide audience of private investors we help them trading stocks, commodities and currencies as well as providing them with the suite of efficient online trading services and platforms.  

Maxitech R&D team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Current team size is 55+ people. New products development we start in 2018 requires team to grow for additional 40 people this year. We are looking for software development experts ready to bring their knowledge and contribute to building the new, best in the class, software product. 

Our company headquarter is in Israel, R&D team is concentrated in Kiev. We also have offices in 8+ countries worldwide. We do qualitative software products to enable the business becoming more efficient and successful. 




 Offices worldwide




 Till 2020

02 our product

Our products


Wizard for onboarding new clients that includes not only registration but all the steps necessary to start trading.
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Affiliate Lead management tool

Internal system for managing costs of marketing campaigns. Used by internal department to track relationships with Affiliates - 3rd party companies we purchase leads from.
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CMS system for websites

Website is a "face" of the brand. Each website consists from the collection of resources for clients to learn about Forex trading. Content management system for Websites. Used by internal department to add content.
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Landing Pages

Single-page websites that are used for marketing campaigns by affiliates.
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Client Area

Personal area on the website for our clients to interact with our company: update personal data, manage trading accounts, make balance operations etc.
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What you will get with us

Freedom of choice and technical/businness decision making with the group of highly professional people.

Our company focused on personal efficiency in software development and transperent collaboration with international geo-distributed teams.

Let’s join us to have an opportunity to make great solutions with great experts.

04 About team

Our Expertise

Front-end Practice

Focusing on implementation of micro-services architecture with cutting edge react technologies stack.
Using: React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-observable, Jest, Enzyme, Redux-form, Webpack, React-Router, es6, postcss, styleguidist.

UI/UX Practice

Focusing on Human Centered Design approach and put our user in the center of development process to create valuable, userfriendly and appropriate products.
Using: Human Centered Design approach, User Interviews, widely use Personas and Customer Journey Maps, providing user testing on early stages for users feedback.

DevOps Practice

Focusing on providing stable and fast automated way to deliver features to production using best practices CI/CD/CT.
Using: TFS, git, SonarQube, AWS, Terraform, Docker, ELK stack, Grafana.

QA Practice

Focusing to be on implementing fully automated Continuous Delivery Pipeline by increasing the agility of development, giving programmers the confidence to make changes and increasing software quality.
Using: .NET Core 2.1, Docker, Selenoid, Serilog, NUnit, FluentAssertions, WebDriver, Gatling, TFS, Git

Back-end Practice

Focusing on the best industry practices like TDD, CI/CD, Code Reviews using the most useful technologies and tools available for .NET technological stack.
Using: .NET Core 2.1, Docker, EF6/EF Core, Serilog, MassTransit over AmazonMQ, S3, Autofac, Automapper, FluentValidation, MSSQL, MySQL, NUnit, Moq, FluentAssertions

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