Information Technology is a fundamental parcel of effective operations in any business. In today’s advanced world, people are spending tremendous amount of money to acquire the best IT system and latest software to create smoothly running business operations and to ensure effective communications.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the IT system becomes the main problem where the system and program slows down the operation of business. What is more frustrating is that it pushes you to spend more money to get things fixed.

Here at MAXITECH, we save our clients the stress brought up by a mismanaged IT.

Our company is a dynamic entity that aims to deliver and deploy technology solutions and user-centered information system, which gives our customers the competitive advantage to their organizations. Gathering the most experienced professionals in marketing, design, web application development, video production, communications specialists and business development – we designed and built the most-advanced and state of the art data and system infrastructures that are financially viable, secure and guarantee you future developments.

Rooted with common values such as honesty and integrity, we are poised to bring smart ideas, reliable solutions and quality market expertise to your business that will guide and keep you on track of the fast movement of the world market.

We constantly innovate ways to balance today’s best organizational practices to run your day-to-day operation smoothly and use the most effective strategic plan for long-term efficiency, business growth, cost-effectiveness and personal development.

Our services include the following:

Voice and Video Communications

Our team of experts can integrate and deliver a custom voice, data or video communications system to keep you connected to those who matter most to your business – your employees, partners and clients.

We can help you obtain, set up and manage immersive telepresence rooms as well as formal and informal video conferencing hubs, including cloud video bridges. We also work with top telephony provider, offering you a choice of solutions whether it may be desktop or mobile; wired or IP telephony; on premise or in cloud.

IT Security

Today’s threat aspect is very dynamic, which is why we, at MAXITECH draw on our deepest expertise to offer IT security solutions that address the key challenges encountered by enterprise today. We can help you maintain a strong security foundation to counter the latest threats like phishing and ransomware, through robust, routine integrity test of systems, business continuity planning and other consultative services.

File Storage and Sharing

As corporations collect large amounts of customer, product, market and social data, it is very important to manage maintain and make sense of the data collected to get actionable insights out of it. MAXITECH offers effective and efficient data storage and management to help you explore data and to gain insights that can be shared in a simplistic manner with your teams.


The network is the core to the success of your IT strategy, forming the communication platform upon which your business is based. And it’s the success of your business that we’re most interested in. We design, install and support advanced solutions that enable your IT environment to enhance business productivity throughout your organization. We provide professional network support and computer support together with the assurance that your IT network problems will be a thing of the past.

All in all, we strive to communicate and connect ways to keep you atop in the business world!