In Maxitech we’ve gathered the most skilled and most experienced IT professionals, coming from the finest IT companies in the industry. These professionals are the best at engineering of web software, UX/UI design, Agile delivery and product design.

Several arguments why you should join us as a team player:

Continuous Improvement 

  • The opportunity for you to join the group of highly professional people who are pleased to help you to improve your personal efficiency in software development, working in international geo-distributed teams.


  • We are now in the starting phase of the new big product and you would have opportunity to become one of the key people in new product development. Bringing unique engineering experience.

Engineering excellence.

  • We don’t have legacy; all our existing software was written by ourselves and supported by teams developed it
  • We use cutting edge technologies. The currently developed web project is based on .Net WebAPI, Entity Framework, Angular2 technologies.
  • We value, develop and use engineering practices. Test First (Behavior Driven Development), Integration tests, DevOps culture, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, Extreme Programming, Code Review. This is mandatory for all development teams to always use all these practice.

Delivery Excellence 

  • We use Scrum. We are experienced how to do it properly and benefit from it. Not just talking about it
  • Each team has own Product Owner, Scrum Master, QA and DevOps. Developers can focus on writing the code. In the right way

You would impact the client business: 

  • Freedom of choice. Your voice would be heard while making technical/business decisions. Which technology to use? How Architecture would look like? Though we have experienced solutions architects, your opinion is very important for us to make the right decision.
  • Low level of bureaucracy. Team commitments never come “from above”. Your opinion matters.
  • You would communicate directly to business people from the customer, understand the business, grow your soft skills (Presentation, Negotiation, Mentorship, English speaking)
  • We take care of shoring the feedback loop. Development team has the direct access to the end users of our products and gathers the immediate feedback right after new feature release
  • You will take part in estimation cycle. Opportunity to visit onsite workshops, get knowledge of new technologies, trends and best practices. Grow professionally. Become more valuable employee.

Our Vacancies

Senior Front-End Developer

Senior Backend .Net Developer

QA Lead

System Administrator

Product Owner