Welcome to MAXITECH

At MAXITECH, we strive to provide our clients with the most advanced and professional services.

We offer the very best in software development, IT Services, Quality Assurance and more.

Nowadays, technology and businesses are tightly interwoven and undergo constant evolution together. MAXITECH comprises strong and flexible project managers, software developers, QA specialists and IT professionals brimming with creativity and passion for their field eager to provide quality service to our clients.

A leader in providing innovative cloud based SAAS solutions

MAXITECH provides optimum cloud based SaaS solutions that are flexible, agile, and are sure to meet your business requirements.

We utilize an array of strict security measures to supply our clients with powerful, expandable and secure SaaS solutions together with state-of-the-art server architecture, 24/7 traffic surveillance and extended data centers.

Through our SaaS software, you are able to:

  • Boost the number of leads generated per hour
  • Minimize client’s wait and idle time
  • Lessen First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and upgrade Average Talk Time (ATT)
  • Provide intuitive tools to your agents such as web call back, speech scripting and more.
  • Supply your company with effective CRM integrations to connect and separate between sales and marketing

With the help of this state-of-the-art technology that is applied on inbound, outbound, blended, multichannel, and social marketing, your company will surely generate higher sales and bigger returns.

We have a firm belief that initiatives such as these should generate growth and positive impact. Our programs are tailored to aid the objectives and core values of the business plan of a company. We take advantage of our technological know-how and our experience to provide services that can have a significant effect on a company’s performance.

MAXITECH continues to improve as time goes on, yet we do not forget where we once were. From one project to the next, we give our clients a small part of our passion and creativity.